Dial Security

Small Business Video Surveillance

The lingering thought of what truly occurs at your business when you’re away can surely leave you uneasy. The adoption of video surveillance technology can help ease the questioning and replace it with knowledge.  Remain connected, informed, and aware.

Dial Security has been installing state-of-the-art video surveillance systems for decades. Never has it been a better time, nor has it been more affordable to own an effective video surveillance system.  The technology available to you today allows you to possess a system that provides substantially more benefits than could have been fathomed in the years before. Motion activated recording, megapixel cameras, and video analytics are just some of the overwhelming features at your disposal.

Web and Mobile Monitoring

Observe production, guarantee the job is completed properly, reduce liability, and aid in criminal justice. Both hard wired and wireless cameras solutions alike will provide the oversight and guidance a business needs to perform efficiently and ethically.  Did we mention that all these functions can be done remotely? Observe your camera angles on your smart phone, laptop, or tablet device. Store your footage on the cloud for low cost solutions, or even integrate a high capacity storage unit to delve into past operations. Today it is possible to monitor your business video surveillance system on any web-connected or browser capable device. Don’t miss a beat while you’re away from the office.

Video Surveillance: Encourage Credibility

With an effective video surveillance system installed at your business, you can easily monitor your employees. Employees that have crossed moral boundaries or violated your company Ethics can quickly be adjusted or relinquished from duty to ensure the prosperity and integrity of your business.  Eliminate temptation, and cultivate the culture you have always worked to achieve, honesty!

Dial Security - Enterprise Security SolutionsBurglars and Vandals are Brought to Justice

Your company vehicles, and business property are vulnerable and sometimes easily transportable property. Why wouldn’t they be observed and video recorded to protect an investment?  Recovering stolen property is only achievable if criminals are successfully neutralized. In order to do so, evidence is a necessity. Facial recognition is the most defining component for proper convictions of theft and breach of moral character.  Dial Communications offers instant GPS location, with constant Web monitoring.  Should your vehicle be stolen or just misused, e-mail notifications will be delivered anytime they are taken outside a certain area.