Dial Security

Small Business Security

Dial Security - Small Business Theft PreventionYour business is at constant risk.  Burglaries, fires, break-ins, vandalism, and employee related issues all present a very real risk to your business.  Dial Security has been the trusted security partner for many 1000’s of small businesses for almost 40 years, and we can assist in accommodating the concerns that every business encounters, everyday.

Fire & Burglary Alarm and Monitoring Systems

Because every business situation is unique, we help you select, install and monitor alarm systems that fit your exact needs.  Whether your company insurance requires a fire system, or the occasion arises that a Security System must be put in place, Dial Security is sure to aid your efforts. Dial offers standard telephone line, Cellular and digital IP monitoring and access control systems as well that allow you to record who is coming and going from your business.  You and the authorities are notified instantly when a breach in protocol, break-in, or fire occurs.  Our 24 Hour /365 day in house dispatch center is always there to make sure your business stays safe.

Because we are a full service security company with over 100 licensed security guards on staff, we can additionally augment your security system with guard services.

Dial Security - Mobile & Web Monitoring24 Hour Remote & Mobile Monitoring

With Dial’s advanced technology monitoring systems, you can always have your finger on the pulse of your business.  Using a mobile device or a web-connected computer, you can monitor the entries and exits of employees and other service companies (such as cleaning companies).  When coupled with video surveillance systems, monitoring your entire company and its surroundings is not only easy and cost effective, but it can additionally help hedge against the risk of theft and vandalism.

Dial Security is sensitive to the concerns of business schedules. In many business environments protocol and restricted zones are often a factor. However, with the integration of access control systems a business is fully capable of establishing certain perimeters that an employee may enter, and at what times. With our access control offerings, we can install and configure individualized entry for each door at your business.  Know which employee entered what area and at what time.

Keeping Employees Honest

Keeping honest employees honest is at the heart of proper employee monitoring systems.  The urge and temptation to commit theft and dishonest actions are significantly reduced when a known surveillance system is in place.  A quality surveillance and security system for your small business allows you to help keep your credible employees transparent and assist in eliminating unscrupulous activities. Even if such a desire arises that covert surveillance is the only option in order to remain under the radar, we can accommodate these special scenarios as well.

Dial offers the full array of security services and alarm systems so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.