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Web & Mobile Control

Dial Security Web & Mobile ControlWith advanced technology available to you from Dial Security, your home security and convenience has never been better or more affordable. The ability to remotely control your burglary system has emerged.  If you have access to the web, you have access to your system. Conveniences are maximized, and safety enhanced as even your smartphone can connect to your home’s security and monitoring systems to ensure your system is activated and on guard.

Whether you’re at the office, on the road, on vacation or away for the day, you have access to your home’s monitoring and control resources. Interfaces as simple as SMS text messaging and smart phone mobile applications offer the user complete and total control.

It is a reality that you may not always be able to receive a phone call that your home has had a breach in security.  This has become widely understood as a concern. Therefore, a text or email are quickly becoming the norm as an additional notification platform.  Smart phone integration has made it possible to extend even further beyond remotely securing the home. Controlling energy usage is now a possibility and it is easily achievable at a reasonable price. Manually or automatically control your thermostat, power outlets and other accessories with new Z-Wave module technologies.  This can save money on your energy bills at home.

Web and mobile control systems by Dial Security can greatly add convenience and peace of mind.

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