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Residential Energy Management

Today, homeowners are more concerned about the cost and global impact of energy usage in the home. Ever rising energy costs have grown at a swift and steady rate, costing the homeowner increasingly more every year. There is a solution. The development of technological advancements have granted users the ability to improve your energy management in your home, while increasing your comfort and efficiency.

Dial Security has been at the forefront of the residential energy management evolution for many years. Our technology offerings are more affordable and more effective than ever before.

Control Your Home’s Energy Usage While You’re Away or At Home

DMP Energy Management Smart House

With our energy management solutions you can control the thermostat in your home to be ever more efficient. Additionally, through the use of Z-wave modules you can set the lights, coffee maker, Jacuzzi, air conditioning or heating temperature and other electrical connections to go on or off at your discretion.

A common example of home energy management is setting the AC or heating temperatures on your thermostat remotely from a smart phone, laptop, or tablet device. The conveniences of remote access to your home are virtually unlimited. Take for example a vacation, you are away from home for a few days, you’ll obviously keep the AC or heater turned off. However in anticipation of arriving home, you want it to be comfortable. The use of remote energy management enable the user to adjust the temperature control to the desired setting in time when you arrive back at your residence.

Additionally, while you’re away from home, on vacation or otherwise, you can thwart would-be burglars by remotely switching on and off lights and other devices throughout the house. These can be set up on automatic timing or you can control them manually from your smart phone/tablet/computer.

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