Dial Security

Home Security

Easy Exit SC Key2Dial Security creates peace of mind at your home.  Too many people worry about burglaries, vandalism, fire and carbon monoxide.  With Dial Security, your concerns can be eliminated.

Our goal in Residential Security is to give you a sense of safety and peace by providing security systems that are just right for your particular situation.  We offer residential fire and burglary security systems that integrate more advanced and innovative technology than ever before.

Dial Security is a well established company with almost 40 years of experience.  Over the years, Dial Security has been able to grow exponentially in size, and employee base in order to better meet our customers needs. We know that our customers love our small business attitude of pleasing every customer, and for that reason 50% of our customer growth is generated solely by referrals from our existing customers. Dial has grown to be a substantial service provider for security systems that provide you with the greatest benefit.  Further, Dial is one of very few that provides it’s customers with a personal touch at our company owned Central Monitoring Station, very much unlike the vast majority of others who subcontract these most important services.

Protect your home from burglaries and break-ins.

We offer both hard-wire and wireless technology to protect every entry point in your home.  Your security system will be equipped to detect any breach, and notify Dial’s Monitoring Station within an instant.  Whether you are in your home or away, our in-house 24 hour dispatch center located in our Camarillo office will readily assist in dispatching according to your predefined protocol.

Protect your home from Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Homes are destroyed and lives are lost across the country every day due to fire.  Carbon Monoxide has become a silent killer that poisons families while they sleep.  Dial’s advanced sensing technology can alert you and our dispatch center of a fire or excessive carbon monoxide threat– instantly.  This creates a more certain peace of mind in your home, for you, and for your family.

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