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Enterprise Video Surveillance

The mere presence of surveillance cameras can reduce malevolence in itself.  Criminals and employees alike are fully aware of camera locations, and choose to act Printaccordingly.  In the event of a crime, though, the cameras are there to make the ethical party take responsibility.

Video surveillance systems have become significantly more affordable while increasing their value to your enterprise.  Additionally, the options for your surveillance system have grown to give you a phenomenal resource to keep your business assets and employees safer.

For almost four decades Dial Security has been providing businesses and organizations of all sizes with comprehensive security systems.  Today we offer wired and wireless video cameras that work well in low light and in high definition recording.  In addition, we install covert cameras as well as high profile cameras to discourage crimes.

Employees and Video Surveillance

Ask any employee convicted of stealing from their work and they will tell you the temptation was too great while the chance of being caught was too little.  However, many potential criminals are deterred by the presence of video cameras.  They tend to keep honest people honest.  If your organization is experiencing a shrinkage in inventory, employee theft challenges, or even workers injury claims, a comprehensive video surveillance system is key in managing the problem.

Discourage and Protect from Criminal ActivityLoitering_lo

Many companies leave their vehicles outside the business.  A video surveillance system helps protect these and surely other business assets as well.  Additionally, vandalism such as tagging and other destructive acts are in some cases prevented and even caught on video, useful for prosecuting purposes.  Dial Communications offers GPS vehicle tracking systems to insure the constant location of your vehicle at all times via the WEB or e-mail notifications.

Web Based and Mobile Monitoring & Controlling

With today’s advanced monitoring and controlling systems for video, you now have much greater ability to stay connected to your business.  Your smartphone can be sent an instant SMS text message when a video camera is motion activated.  This allows you or your staff to connect, monitor, or review past activities to verify a true breach in protocol or theft.  The ability to maintain a hands on approach in your business’s security from afar is an invaluable tool.

These are just a few of the advancements that can be provided in today’s video surveillance systems.

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