Dial Security

Fire Systems, Monitoring, and Inspections

Fire Systems, Monitoring, Inspections

Commercial Fire Systems: Approved/Non-Approved

Dial Security offers commercial fire system installation; both approved and non-approved protection. Should the city require a fire system, we can accommodate. From preliminary plans to stamps of approval from your local AHJ, Dial can bring ease of installation and clarity to the process of fire integration and monitoring.

Fire System Monitoring

Our state of the art monitoring center meets all UL certification requirements. We ensure that signals are tested routinely, and communication paths remain reliable and efficient.

Fire Inspections

Dial Security provides fire inspections that can also include fire protection evaluations.  Our Fire Inspection Personnel are trained and certified in reviewing your fire protection plans and helping you develop a plan that keeps the business’ property and employees safer.

Larger companies use Dial to inspect the entire fire protection processes and systems.  This includes ensuring that your fire alarm, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and more are working correctly.

Dial Security is your trusted partner in annual or more frequent fire inspections as may be required by insurance or code.  Don’t get caught without the protection you thought you had, get an inspection today!