Dial Security

Enterprise Access Control

Employee and visitor access throughout many enterprise size organizations can be a challenge.  With Dial Security & Communication’s help it is now simpler and more effective.

We are a well-established security company serving companies all over Southern California with “state of the art” Access Control products which we install and monitor for you.  Our security experts develop a customized program for access control that works right for your particular organization.

Dial Security - Access ControlsCard Key, Touch Pad, Perimeter, Key Pad and Biometrics Access Controls

Your organization has many options today for access control methods.  Our security consultants provide you with the expertise and experience needed to help develop your access control plan the works well for your situation.  For effective access control of your business and its various areas to work properly each individual needs to be identified by the system and then allowed access.  This can be done using various input methods such as a card key or a fingerprint, or a PIN number that is unique to the individual employee, contractor or vendor.

Keyless entry saves your enterprise significantly when “key” employee leaves your employment.  Because employees can be added or removed on your access control system via computer, there is no cost for hiring a locksmith the change out all of the locks.

Keyless entry allows you to limit the access of employees, contractors, vendors or visitors to specific areas of the business.  Additionally, all of the access information is logged for your review in the computer system.  This information can be quite helpful in identifying crimes within the organization.