GPS Asset and Vehicle Tracking Services

Honeywell Total connect Tracking Services provide on-demand vehicle/asset location, location history, programmable speed alerts (vehicle alerts), customized notifications based upon entering or exiting a designated area and more. The option to upload an image of the user’s vehicle or asset in the account is available.

When vehicles or assets exit the geo-fence area that has been set up, the GPS dashboard images will appear in red. Green shading indicates that the vehicle or asset is within the geo-fence area that has been created. If the dashboard is yellow, this means a geo-fence area has not been created.

Tracking services may be combined with interactive security, energy management and video services, or as a standalone service.

Key Features

GPS Vehicle  and Asset Tracking

  • Recommended for passenger cars, light trucks and service vans
  • Plug and play installation – plugs directly into vehicle’s OBD port
  • Vehicle diagnostics and reporting capabilities
  • Compatible with most vehicles built since 1996
  • Compact, lightweight, low profile design
  • Internal antennas
  • Customizable features (GPS location, geo-fencing and events)
  • Monitored and reconfigured remotely
  • Location history with starts and stops

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