Physical Security Services


All Dial Security staff members have received background clearance and standardized certification through the State of California, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).

In addition to the basic instruction required by the State of California, Dial Security Officers receive on-going training in the areas of law, tactics, less-lethal and firearms from highly trained law enforcement professionals.

While Dial Security Officers are not Peace Officers, they are truly a “cut above” average security “guards” offered by many security companies.  For good reason, our staff members are referred to as “Security Officers” vs “Guards.”


Patrol Services

Armed & Unarmed

Sentry | Fixed Post

Static, Vehicle, and Foot Patrol
Spl Events II

Special Events

Standing Orders Tailored to Your Needs
Alarm Response

Alarm Response

Private and Timely Response
Dial Security Special Detail Officer (S.D.O), Plain Clothes Operations

Special Detail Officers | SDO

High-Risk Security Functions