Cyber Security: Anti-Hacking Technology


Manufacturer’s Built-In Protection:

Recently Good Morning America, ABC News, and other affiliates broadcast a segment on potential vulnerability of wireless security systems. The news story presented different threat scenarios which were based on someone using expensive sophisticated engineering tools to fool or hack the systems wireless devices. But those systems in the story relied on one-way narrow band communication at 300 MHz or 433 MHz.

Honeywell (RF Jam Protection):

  • All Honeywell Security systems which support wireless include an RF Jam detection, which issues a trouble alert if the
    receiver is jammed by a more powerful transmission on a nearby frequency.


  • DMP 1100 Series Wireless Technology uses 900 MHz frequency hopping; spread-spectrum that is constantly changing the channel used by the system components every 32 milliseconds in a unique pattern to communicate with one another. As a single signal is sent to the receiver, a single acknowledgement is returned, if the acknowledgement is not received it tries again until it gets through. This system makes it virtually impossible for a hacker to find and access our 1100 Series Two-Way wireless.


  • Videofied’s military-grade, wireless RF communication is SECURE: AES encryption with continuously changing encryption keys, bidirectional, error-checking, spread spectrum which prevents radio jamming and interference

Best Tips To Avoid Vulnerability

  • Changing passwords frequently for all users on your home systems, on all apps, and for all sites with sensitive information (on-line banking, on-line bill payment, etc.)
  • Deleting expired security system users (such as babysitter codes, etc.)
  • NOT writing passwords down where they might be exposed to unauthorized persons
  • Securing local WiFi networks with encryption (WPS, WPA2, etc.), turning off SSID broadcasting, keeping network passwords private, and strictly limiting access to those networks.
  • Keeping anti-virus and anti-malware software active and up to date on all connected computers
  • Making sure all connected computer assets have firewall features enabled and active.